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Rent a Car in Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is an artificial canal city with multiple eating spots and vibrant towers. The beautiful Marina Walk encloses the man-made waterway. The canal connects with the coast of the Persian Gulf on both sides. One of the city’s premier communities, Dubai Marina, is a short distance from the main roads, such as Sheikh Zayed Road.

When visiting the neighborhood, you can see Palm Jumeirah by renting a car at Dubai Marina. The well-known sites of Downtown Dubai are only a short drive away via Sheikh Zayed Road. The luxury area is relatively close to Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa. Plus, Dubai International Airport is about 20 minutes away from Dubai Marina. Car rental in Dubai Marina is available at the airport and other regions for hassle-free outings. 

The city’s well-known neighborhood, Dubai Marina, offers many accommodation, food, clothing, and entertainment activities. Some social sites like parks and a yacht club are located in Dubai Marina Mall. Additionally, it is home to many tall structures, such as the well-known Cayan Tower. Several firms are located nearby in Dubai Media City and Dubai Internet City.

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Driving and Parking in Dubai Marina 

Dubai has excellent roads, but traffic is sometimes heavy, specifically in the downtown and Marina regions. Therefore, driving in Dubai is difficult due to the city’s trams and high traffic volume. It is preferred to park in one of the underground car parks while touring the city.

Local Attractions

Dubai Marina is a tourist attraction with so many super yachts that attract people worldwide. Meanwhile, this bright part of the city is also the site of one of the most notable skylines in the world, with an amazing variety of towers creating a stunning backdrop to this modern city. Towers like the Marina Pinnacle and Infinity Tower present incredible panoramic views from their tops.

However, Dubai also has an antique side, and the most wonderful location to explore Old Dubai is the Al Fahidi Historic District. The neighborhood was developed in the 1900s, so it is still relatively new, yet it features several museums, original souqs and industries, galleries, and artisan studios. It also follows traditional Middle Eastern styles.

Driving in and around Dubai Marina

Key routes

Dubai has two main road systems named “E” and “D” routes. These are further split into inter-city and main roads that connect cities across the Emirates. Several highways in cities are highly congested.

Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, or E311, is the main cross-town route in Dubai. This road makes transportation easy to the Marina and other major locations, like Sports City, Dubailand, Dubai Silicon Oasis International City, and Global Village.

Major Highways

Sheikh Zayed Road, often known as E11, passes through the center of Dubai. This route, which begins in Al-Silah, Abu Dhabi, and ends at Ras al-Khaimah at the Oman border, is the longest in the Emirates. It is a stunning and fascinating road, passing through the Emirates and along the Persian Gulf.


If you want to hire a car in Dubai Marina, Huracan Evo Rent a Car Dubai has the most affordable rates. A lot of people think that the Dubai Marina is an engineering place. However, this man-made canal city, situated in the center of the dynamic metropolis of Dubai, is becoming a popular tourist destination. Dubai Marina is also the location for some of the wealthy residents of Dubai, who live in the tall buildings illuminating the neighborhood. Additionally, Dubai Media City and Dubai Internet City are adjacent to Dubai Marina. Therefore, Huracan Evo Rent a Car Dubai offers the most reasonable prices. Contact them if you want anything for anyone.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Do You Need in Dubai Marina to Rent a Car?

To rent a car in Dubai Marina, you must be older than 21 and have a valid driver’s license. Visit our page on car rentals in the UAE for more details on driving regulations. Traffic moves on the right side of the road, and cars drive left-hand.

How many days can I rent a car?

There is no limit amount of days that you can rent a car. Depending on your requirements, you can rent a car directly from our site for a day, a week, or a month.

How much does a car rental in Dubai Marina cost?

The car model and time duration determine the cost of car rental in Dubai Marina.

Is parking available near Dubai Marina?

There is plenty of space for parking at malls like Dubai Marina Walk and the underground lots at the several buildings along the Marina. For the first few hours, parking is usually free. After that, you’ll need to pay at least Dh50 and require validation from the restaurant or building you’re visiting.


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