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Rent A Car in Palm Jebel Ali

Rent a car in Palm Jebel Ali to drive around the huge man-made archipelago (group of islands) in Dubai. It extends over 13.4 square kilometers on the Arabian Gulf, twice the size of Palm Jumeirah. This amazing archipelago includes the most advanced systems with lots of greenery and luxurious facilities. Rent a car in Palm Jebel Ali to visit all of Dubai’s famous sites, including Expo City Dubai, Downtown Dubai, and Dubai Marina. 


Car rentals in the Emirates are made easier with Huracan Evo Rent a Car. Get a car in any part of the UAE, like Business Bay, Palm Jebel Ali, Airport DXB, Abu Hail, and other locations. We ensure you have an outstanding trip with our car rentals and services. Reserve now and get the best deals on our most recent models. 

About Jebel Ali

Jebеl Ali is also a place of a multitude of industries, like transport, logistics, manufacturing, and the latest technology, and is a central point of trading and commerce in the Middle East. It is also famous for its port, thе Jеbеl Ali Port, one of thе busiеst ports in thе world and a central hub for business bеtwееn Asia, Europe, and Africa. There is another name for Jebel Ali: Mina Jebel Ali.


It is situated on the outer edges of Dubai’s south with business, manufacturing, trade, tourism, and residential spots. Besides this, there are numerous temples and churches in Jebel Ali Village. It is also a place where an artificial Island called Palm Jebel Ali is present.


Sandy Jabel Ali Bеach is nеar thе busy port. It has a golf resort and diving centers. Within a short distance, Ghantoot Racing and Polo Club in Abu Dhabi has tournamеnts and multiple events. Additionally, it’s close to Dubai Marina’s elite neighborhood.


Moreover, the seven connected islands that makeup Palm Jebel Ali has amazing offerings. Over 80 + ultra-luxury resorts and hotels, events spaces, beautiful residences and villas, and more will be built over 1.05 square kilometers of newly developed structures. Tourists and residents of this popular, viable island will have access to various luxurious facilities.

Why Choose Huracan Evo Rent a Car For Palm Jebel Ali Car Rental?

We are Dubai’s top car rental company with an impressive collection of vehicles at incredibly low rates. We aim to fulfill and even outperform our client’s expectations. When it is about the client’s satisfaction, we don’t miss anything. We will be your go-to partner for car rentals for the following reasons: 


Take a look at our brand-new car collection. We offer everything to meet your requirements within your price range, from economy to utmost. We have vehicles suitable for every event, including commercial purposes, family vacations, and adventurous trips. Our entire fleet of cars is thoroughly polished and cleaned.

Chauffeur Services

We provide driver-only car rentals for individuals who would rather travel in the backseat and want to make the most of their trip. We promise to provide you with the best chauffeur service possible for your rental.

24/7 Customer Service

Our customer service is available to you 24/7. Contact our staff with any questions you may have by phone, message, or email; they will assist you with the information you need in a few minutes. Please contact us whenever you need help with roadside emergency service, reservations, pick-up and drop-off at the airport or hotel.


Since Jebel Ali is a broad area, having a car might make it easy to get to neighboring landmarks and activities. Staying in a community for a long time can make cars worthwhile. Moreover, when renting a car in Jebel Ali, you can avoid paying for pricey taxi fares or waiting for public transportation. Rather than depending on a fixed schedule, you can modify your trip to suit your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why Rent A Car in Palm Jebel Ali, Dubai?

Exploring Palm Jebel Ali, Dubai, in your vehicle is helpful, easy, and effective. You cannot compare taxi with personal vehicles. However, the downside is that public transit is inaccessible to all locations. Thus, renting a car is the most convenient way to explore the amazing island. 

Which Car models are available for rent in Palm Jebel Ali

We have an extensive collection of cars to fulfill your requirements for every event. Driving a luxury sedan, coupe, convertible, SUV, family vehicle, or sports car is up to you. We also provide the most reasonably priced rental cars in the UAE. 

Where can I park my rental car in Palm Jebel Ali?

There will be many parking spaces around Palm Jebel Ali’s islands. Plus, parking lots are available at hotels and resorts, along with paid parking areas provided by office organizations. You will get public parking options in Palm Jebel Ali, such as street and multi-story parking.

What are the facilities in Palm Jebel Ali?

Palm Jebel Ali is constantly updating its facilities and services. But among the recommended facilities are town centres, waterfront promenades, beach clubs, yacht clubs, lifestyle shops, leisure parks, sports and wellness, celebration villages, and more.


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