Dubai’s scorching summer is the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable luxury car rental experience. This summer, indulge in opulence and style with our exclusive Summer Offer 2024 from Huracan Evo Rent a Car. Escape the ordinary and elevate your Dubai adventure with a fleet of prestigious vehicles at unbeatable prices.

Summer Offer Highlights

  1. Discounted Rates: Enjoy special discounted rates on our luxury car rentals throughout the summer season. Experience the thrill of driving a top-of-the-line vehicle without breaking the bank.
  2. Extended Rental Periods: Take advantage of extended rental periods, allowing you more time to explore Dubai’s iconic landmarks, stunning coastline, and vibrant cityscape.
  3. Complimentary Services: With our Summer Offer, enjoy complimentary services such as pick-up and drop-off options, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free rental experience.
  4. Flexible Booking: Flexibility is key during your summer getaway. Benefit from flexible booking options and personalized assistance to tailor your rental experience to your preferences.

Featured Luxury Car Models

Explore Dubai in style with our diverse range of luxury car models, including:

  • Lamborghini Huracan Evo: Unleash the power and precision of a Lamborghini, turning heads as you navigate Dubai’s dynamic streets.
  • Ferrari Portofino: Experience the allure of a Ferrari, blending performance and elegance for an exhilarating drive.
  • Porsche 911 Carrera S: Embrace the sporty sophistication of a Porsche, delivering unparalleled driving dynamics and comfort.
  • Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG: Command attention with the iconic design and luxury amenities of a Mercedes-Benz SUV.
  • Bentley Continental GT: Revel in the grandeur and refinement of a Bentley, embodying luxury and craftsmanship.

Benefits of Renting with Huracan Evo Rent a Car

  • No Hidden Fees: Transparent pricing ensures you know exactly what to expect, with no surprises or hidden fees.
  • Comprehensive Insurance: Drive with confidence knowing that comprehensive insurance coverage is included in your rental.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Our dedicated customer support team is available round-the-clock to assist you with any inquiries or assistance you may need during your rental period.

How to Avail the Summer Offer

Booking your luxury car rental with our Summer Offer is simple:

  1. Visit Our Website: Explore our fleet and select your desired luxury car model.
  2. Choose Your Dates: Select your preferred rental dates, taking advantage of our extended rental periods.
  3. Contact Us: Reach out to our team to confirm availability and finalize your booking.
  4. Enjoy Your Drive: Pick up your luxury car and embark on an unforgettable driving adventure in Dubai.


Don’t let the summer heat deter you from experiencing the thrill of luxury car rental in Dubai. With Huracan Evo Rent a Car’s Summer Offer 2024, you can enjoy discounted rates, complimentary services, and a wide selection of prestigious vehicles to elevate your Dubai experience. Book now and immerse yourself in the ultimate driving adventure amidst the glamour and excitement of this iconic city.