If you want to rent a car in Dubai Airport Terminal 2, look no further. Our company Huracan Evo Rent A Car provides affordable car rentals that are full of the latest technology. Clients can choose from various rental cars, ranging from compact cars to elegant limousines, which enhance the travel experience.

About Dubai International Terminal 2 (DXB T2)

Dubai Intl Airport’s Terminal 2 was launched on May 1 1998, to lower the flow of passengers pressure on Terminal 1. About 50 airlines work from Terminal 2; it is also the location of Dubai’s budget airline, Flydubai, initiated on June 1, 2009. 


In addition, at certain times, the airport provides scheduled flights for particular purposes. Dubai Airport’s T2 is situated north of T1 and can be reached via Al-Twar Road and Rashidiya. A passenger enters the terminal by the main kerbside, and it takes 15 to 25 minutes for transit passengers to go between Terminals 1, 2, and 3.

Rent a Cheap Car at Dubai Airport Terminal 2

However, we can help you have a hassle-free and convenient trip to Dubai by renting a car at Dubai Airport Terminal 2. Regardless of your purpose for visiting Dubai—for business or pleasure—you can enjoy the city and its surrounding areas with a car rental from Dubai Airport. Renting a car ‘really’ gives you the freedom you want—the opportunity to go anywhere with your schedule! Therefore, don’t hesitate to reserve your Dubai Terminal 2 car rental for an amazing trip.

Car Rental Fleet Available at Dubai Airport – Terminal 2


Renting a luxury vehicle in Dubai will add even more glamour to your vacation. Having a luxury vehicle may make you feel more confident about yourself and ensure a comfortable and stylish ride, whether traveling for work or pleasure.


Enjoy a road trip to the stunning cities of the United Arab Emirates by renting a convertible car at Dubai Airport if you are a nature lover. Lift the top of your convertible to enjoy the wonderful views of the nation’s rich landscapes—long journeys in one of these vehicles.


Economy automobiles rank among the most common in terms of cost and popularity. The vehicles are ideal for small family trips and provide excellent gas mileage. Plus, these cars are also feasible to drive in congested areas. Make an early reservation for discounted rates on the best economy car rentals in the UAE with Huracan Evo Rent a Car Dubai.



Consider an SUV car rental at Dubai Airport if you’re searching for a high-performance vehicle with more seating and additional baggage space. The United Arab Emirates’ countryside and coastal cities are the ideal destinations for these cars because of their exceptional performance on nearly all terrains.


Do you want an 8- or 7-seater vehicle for a long trip? At Dubai Airport Terminal 2, rent a minivan for a comfortable ride. The low platform of minivans makes them easier to get into and out of, making them suitable for families with little ones. These incredibly roomy vehicles can also easily hold the extra bags.


If you travel with a low-cost airline from Dubai, you can choose Dubai Airport Terminal 2. However, that is not an issue because the terminal is totally conventional and contemporary. The only difference is the opposite side location. Fortunately renting a car makes it quite easy to travel to others quickly. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is there a connection to Terminals 1 and 3?

You are undoubtedly thinking how one gets from Terminal 2 of Dubai Airport to the other side. Since the other terminals are located there, another frequent option among travelers is to use Emirates to go to Dubai and then Flydubai to continue their journey. Therefore, a transfer between the terminals is required. However, this is also not an issue since a free shuttle bus is available. Plus, it is a 15 to 20 minute walking distance. You can get there shortly via a tunnel. Besides this, you can check out the exact time of the next bus departure as they run on a regular schedule.

What documents are required to rent a car at Dubai Terminal 2?

At Dubai Terminal 2, you can rent a car with a valid passport, driver’s license, and credit card. An International Driving Permit would be required in addition to all of these documents.

Will I get the exact rental car that I booked online for DXB Terminal 2?

Even though we deliver the vehicle you ordered online to DXB Terminal 2, it depends on the model’s availability when you picked up. 

Can I reserve my Dubai Terminal 2 car rental for the same day?

Yes, reservations for same-day collection of your DXB Terminal 2 car rental are accepted, and you will receive a confirmation immediately. But, to allow the rental company to set up the car for you, ensure you have booked at least 4-5 hours before the scheduled time.

How to schedule a cheap car rental at Dubai Airport (DXB) Terminal 2?

  • Visit www.luxurysportcarsdubai.com to get the most affordable rates available at the Dubai Airport T2.
  • For the best deals, reserve your car rental in advance. Early booking saves the cost charged by the supplier.
  • Short-term car rentals are more expensive than long-term ones.
  • At Dubai Airport T2, economy/compact car rentals are more affordable than any other fleet.